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About me

  • About me

    I am a very shy and quiet person.I am known to be sweet and caring and a lot of fun even if i'm not talking.I love dreaming because I can escape from the madness of the world.I doubt myself at some points but it's always someone who believes in me
  • Music

    I like Japanese,fun songs,and r and b,i also like gosphel and soul :)


    I like comedy like icarly and I like watching romantic movies,i hardly watch scary movies,prob cause i'm not aloud
  • Lifestyle

    I like to draw anime,watch anime show,i love Japanese and their styles like gyaru.I think thety are absolutelty kawaii{Cute in Japanese}I like computer games and drawing I also sing :)


    I played all different sports like basketball,t-ball,volleyball,swim,soccer,and many more!
  • Arts

    I like drawing in my free time if i'm not on the computer


    I like singing and being alone.I've sung in a talent show and everyone says I sing really godo so wish me good luck!

Love Philosophia

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