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Ain't No Damsel in Distress

 Ain't No Damsel in Distress


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cheeseyman added this comment  2012-04-19 13:06:21-05:00

look at zelda is awesome, by cheeseyman

angel6102 added this comment  2012-02-10 17:14:34-06:00

thats cool

cheeseyman added this comment  2012-02-08 12:53:27-06:00

agreed with fungalash and princessofdestiny

princessofdestiny added this comment  2012-02-03 10:31:28-06:00

Zelda's the coolest princess yet! She kicks all the other fictional princesses' asses!

fungulash added this comment  2012-01-30 13:45:50-06:00

she hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

thesadiebug added this comment  2012-01-26 19:44:13-06:00

tanks! so whats with her transforming thing again?

09jlamswood added this comment  2012-01-25 20:28:07-06:00

To thesadiebug: i don't think u sound like a nerd. Its just curiousity. ;)

princessofdestiny added this comment  2012-01-25 07:44:05-06:00

OMG! I love it!

thesadiebug added this comment  2012-01-24 15:48:19-06:00

i guess i sounded like a nerd huh?

thesadiebug added this comment  2012-01-24 15:47:56-06:00

i only know her from smash bros brawl and am curious as to the whole transforming thing.

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