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I LUUUV MIKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LUUUV MIKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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princessofdestiny added this comment  2012-05-08 10:59:47-05:00

Miku rules all the way!

alice95liddell added this comment  2012-03-26 12:41:57-05:00

so cute! love it! three hearts for miku ♥♥♥

zerochan added this comment  2012-02-22 21:12:25-06:00

OMG! I love Miku too!!!!Look at mine it about Vocaloid

princessofdestiny added this comment  2012-02-05 13:42:01-06:00

I found this totally adorable Miku wallpaper! She rules.

gothgirl added this comment  2012-01-23 23:17:41-06:00


09jlamswood added this comment  2012-01-23 19:17:07-06:00

Yep, she's like the star!

princessofdestiny added this comment  2012-01-23 11:11:04-06:00

Is she from Vocaloid?