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Lauren Alaina: Georgia Peaches Contest

Lauren Alaina: Georgia Peaches Contest


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katsap added this comment  2012-04-04 12:31:40-05:00

Awsome you know this is so country fied and that is just like me lol great job!

tracy87182 added this comment  2012-03-29 20:22:38-05:00

My Scotty Glog! Everyone check it out pleaseee! and maybe like it? :)

taylorg99 added this comment  2012-03-08 08:08:55-06:00

I liked yours is great good job can you plz like mine :) Plz check out mine and like it plz plz plz!!! :) I welll like yours too :)

grade4west added this comment  2012-03-01 18:37:50-06:00


09jlamswood added this comment  2012-02-11 12:04:14-06:00

and i also have NO idea how i got so many tags!

09jlamswood added this comment  2012-02-09 19:57:54-06:00

hey thx everybody i didnt think it was really dat good *^_^*

july20 added this comment  2012-02-09 19:26:45-06:00

WOW!!! really good glog!!

cmp added this comment  2012-02-07 20:07:47-06:00

laurnen your new song georgia peaches rocks

cmp added this comment  2012-02-07 20:06:55-06:00

laurnen your knew video georgia peachies rocks

cmp added this comment  2012-02-07 19:03:30-06:00

lauren alaina rocks and kicks as

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