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About me

  • About me

    I was born and raised in Santa Rosa Cali I was born on august 30 1999
  • Music

    I like Hip-Hop, R'n'B and Rap.


    I like comedies and sometimes scary movies.My fav. are Paranormal activity 2 and The Back-up plan. I really wanna see The Help!
  • Lifestyle

    I like to hang out with mah franns (Keely, Amanda A.K.A. Buggie, Michalah, etc.)and i try to keep my grades up. who am i kidding? No I dont!


    I like Basketball and volleyball and i sorta like soccer.
  • Arts

    I love singing. And dancing even though i suck at dancing lol!!!! i plan on being in my school talent show this year cuz i freakin rock at singing no joke!


    I love my Sista Miana A.K.A. memehotty. i have another sister who is now 5 then a little bro who is 5 as well they are not related then i have another little bro who is about 9 years old neva met him though since all of my siblings, except the 4 year old boy, we all have different moms. the 4 year old boy we have different dads. very complicated and confuzzling!♥

Footprints in the sand

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