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About me

  • About me

    First off her names Latasha,, but call her Tasha, her birthday is June, you dont need to know the year she already here. She's my bestest friend in the world. She hates drama, and knows how to stand up for her self, if you mess with her your messin with me(: cause we got each others backs, need to know anything else,just ask,, maybe youll get an answer(: ~*Eve*~
  • Music

    her musics Rap,, and Hip/Hop, cause shes cool like dat(:


    The movies are SCARY and Comedy(:
  • Lifestyle

    Whatever she wants it to be(:


    Her sports basketball, and you better believe shes good at it(:
  • Arts

    ha. yeah rightt(:


    She likes to come to my house,, and talk on the phone after school,, we are really good friends(:


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