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About me

  • About me

    Im Awesome. I have a bunch of friends, They arent normal.I already fidgured that out.They are soo funny. If you would hang out with us you would either think were crazy( which is what i think) or that were amazing (hehehe, I think this one also...)
  • Music

    Pop, rock, and pop rock, r&b, and alternative Maroon5 GLee cast GO TRAIN! - Save Me San Francisco - if its love - marry me - hey soul sister


    Top 5 Movies 1. FINDING NEMO! *just keep swimming* 2. Aristocats 3. Wizard of Oz 4. Harry Potter * all of em!*
  • Lifestyle

    Laid back, peppy, not emo, and just plain fun. I see movies wheneva i can, and I luv hanging out with my friends.


    Gymnastics! Track! Swimming!
  • Arts

    I like Anime *reading and drawing it* and drawing little animals with big eyes.


    I love reading the fan fic's people put up on websites ; like quizilla or . I LUBVE listening to my ipod. I have songs for my every mood! I like going onto glogster and youtube (i like the internet XD). Really, Ill give anything a shot so l


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