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About me

  • About me

    Wats Der To Knoe Bout Me? Hmm Lets C (: Well To Start Thingz Off.Ma Name'z Jess But Also Known Az Stomper. I Love Funni Ppl! Im Silly, I Get Pissed Off Easily. Im Not Perfect. Im Nice Most Of Da Time. Im 15. Born June 26 Of 1995.
  • Music

    Wateva Ma Mood Iz! But Mostly Chicano Rap (: Yeah Fooz! Ugh This Song I lUv It! Its Hilary Duff " Whos Dat Gurl" Makes Me Cry
  • Lifestyle

    Itz A Krazie Life Nd I Love It! I D0 W/e I Want Nd Its Koo Like Dat. I Hate Being Commanded So If You Command Me Ima Remove You. I Love To Act Like A Kid Alot xD Its My Like. Dont Like It? Too Bad!


    Mostly BasketBall ( Ma Pride ) Nd Mostly Trk&Field ( Ma 2 Pride ) Nd Also VollyBall , DodgeBall, Cross-Fire, Soccer, Nd BaseBall.
  • Others

    Wanna Knoe More? Message Me Nd Ill Tell Ya. Oh Nd Dont Eva Piss Me Off! I Do Gang-Bang Nd Im Latina/Hispanic. So I Do Knoe Spanish! Well C Ya Peepz!

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