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About me

  • About me

    Im atomboy if u want to kw. I dnt play any sports. i hang out with my friends at school. I hang out with cuz who is a tomboy like me. I watch tv n listen music. im taken
  • Music

    hip pop,rock,screamo, n others accept stupid songs.


    scream,jason, other movies, every movies accept stupid movies
  • Lifestyle

    Im not popular, i dnt care, i got alot of friends, im nice to any one. i dnt like rude people.


    I play soccer with my cousins n basketball with my bros or cusins or my dad. so yea. i like to skate too.
  • Arts



    i like to listen my music up loud. i sleep alot n stay up all night in the summmer.


Last updated: 02 March 2011 | Views: 123