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About me

  • About me

    I'm hyper and love to be nice n help out. I have an amazing wonderful spectacular boyfriend whose so kind and loving~ I have an evil cat named Stark and a Dog named Sharpie. A Mom and dad who are married and i live with them still along with my older brother. I'm short for my age and I only act my age when i need to be.
  • Music

    I'll listen to just about anything. But i try to avoid music with heavy sexual references, vulgar language, and constant profanity.


    Same as music and i like romantic, comedy, old fashion movies, Shakespeare plays (there's one older movie on Macbeth with the actor who play John Luke Bacard in star-trek) It's very bloody though. And i also have a taste for horror.
  • Lifestyle

    I'm pretty chill, easy to live with and please. I like things to be relaxed unless something urgent comes along and something must be done then ill get it done.


    Not into them, but ill gladly listen if you want to talk about them.
  • Arts

    Drawling, Drama, Poetry, Writing books.


    I hate to blow my own horn but I'm a good listener so please feel free to chat if you need some1 to talk to, If your searching for advice please bluntly ask me for it or I'm not going to give you any, because its not my place to intrude on you're affairs if not asked.


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