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About me

  • About me

    ello my names mariah i have a unicorn named jon...the unicorn... just letting you no. i LOVEEEEEEE skittles and my bf ummmmmm lets see im a 12 im a girl i live in new hampshire im taller then most people my age im outgoing awesome a great friend most guys think im hot if you lable me i will punch you in your face ummmm lets see um i guess you could say im "popular" i dont like to call my self it but yeah so um well dats me oh i almost forgot i am a perv but not the type of perv tht looks a child porn and rapes you in your sleep O.o they scare da poop out of me -nods head- and i swear A LOT if i could under line that i so would
  • Music

    pop rock and roll hip hp rap country and a lil techno i would name who i like, like the singers but that would be WAYYYYYYY to long


    family guy ummmmm zombie land blind side csi ncis burn notice yeah dat it
  • Lifestyle

    my friends are my life Bri, Kevin, Tony, Kindred, Kim, Ari, Josh, jaklynne and yesh thats how she spells it, Brandie, Emily,Rebecca, Jacob, other Jacob, Justin, Devon, Derek,Josiah,Gabby, Ethan, and a lot of other people but aslo i love school on Tuesdays,Fridays, and Thursdays i get mostly a's and b's and i love my family some times


    ummmmm does sleeping count? cuz i would win at tht but if it doesn't im really good at volleyball and field hockey but i like soccer even tho i suck at it
  • Arts

    i can sing i can dance and i can draw thats it


    ok so i am taking so plz dont ask me out like most guys do but he is sweet, nice, fun to talk to, oh and HE LOVES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



my damn pulse wont work!


knew exept you


that extremly awkward moment when you got invited to a party and everyone.....


@amberrea please call me mariah and trust me i saw it coming


ermph yup trust sucks


you just found out they hated you o.o


that sad moment when youve been someonses so called (sister) for 2 years and....


its non of my consern but still this is sad


i feel bad for anyone who is in the fight that is all over my pulse i get


64 glogs 1731 friends 17683 views 161 fans 1250 gs and im never on:p


this is so sad


what if condoms had sponsors?


i miss mattie :""(


merry christmas and happy early birthday to me


I've been waiting all day for you to call me baby so let's get up lets get on it


no offense to others I just miss my other friends


I miss everyone who use to be here if it wasn't for kindred I wouldn't be here


2 more days till I get my baby


shot up