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About me

  • Music

    My music definetly Hip Hop,Rap and R&B I love Nikki Minaj ,Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, and Usher and Trey songs,and Ray Ray and Roc Royal from Mindless Behaivor I just love those artist


    On t.v my favorite show is WWE Monday night wrestling and Friday night wrestling and Sunday night wrestling I just love 'em if you watch it you might like it
  • Lifestyle

    My lifestyle is awesome i;m still young but very fun to hang around my lifestyle is awesome and sometimes a little off but I love my lifestyle


    My favorite sports are tennis,basketball,soccer,and baseball I love being active and exercising once I wake up in the morning and stretch then i'm ready to start my day
  • Arts

    Sorry if you wanted to find out what i was going say on art but i'm horrible and drawing


    Just message me if you want to know more


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