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About me

  • About me

    in 16 and Tall 6'6 and big. a.k.a the body guard. I like for the girls to know they are safe. I believe the cup is always half full and the sun will always shine.
  • Music

    S.P.M. ~ Miss Perfect


    Sometimes. Chick flicks only with a chick.
  • Lifestyle

    drives cummins diesels, race motocross and go hunting. I have deer on a millions$ Ranch. what my uncle owns. If you can't tell I like to play hard and get dirty. Let me know if you can hang?


    Motocross, Mud Racing, Drag races and any other thing what has 4 or 2 wheels and motor. is my sport
  • Arts

    Muddinq in tha South, living life, wasting gas, runnin wild


    I like to work and get my hands dirty. I have a small business that makes me good money.

Kuntry Boy Swag

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