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About me

  • About me

    I love the All-American Rejects. They're the reason why I'm on Glogster. I try to be unique and different with my glogs, and a lot of people don't understand them so my glogs come off as weird or ugly to them. But that's cool because there are going to be people who understand and it's going to be awesome. I don't need to stress over haters anyway. :)
  • Music

    Music is very important to me. It provides a place to which my emotions run. It's easy to let loose when there's music guiding your way. I love the All-American Rejects the most. :)


    I'm picky with movies and TV, but at the same time I'm open to anything. I have to keep myself entertained after all.
  • Lifestyle

    I roll with the punches. It gets difficult at times, but I handle it. That's why I'm still here today. You just have to learn to deal with it all. You can't marinate in it too long or it'll swallow you whole. You have to let it go and forgive.


    Basketball, volleyball, badminton, track and field. It's good to keep fit. I wish I was fitter though... :)
  • Arts

    I live for the arts. I draw, paint, sing, act, and perform. It's what I do.


    I believe everyone is loved.

Good Life

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