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kristi125 added this comment  2011-05-04 02:22:44-05:00

I also like perfect sense movie. This movie has already released and now you can also enjoy this movie.

alisha21 added this comment  2011-04-18 07:55:59-05:00

Yes, All these movies are quite good, I like them all. But From the new released movies. I like Perfect Sense the more..

crysiana added this comment  2011-05-11 08:13:51-05:00

These all movies are quite good. I love watching movies.. I like comedy movies the most

tobbyhot88 added this comment  2011-04-20 04:30:00-05:00

I seen almost all the movies that are in posters except Shawshank as it was a drama. Actually I usually like to watch romantic movies and I follow them here

oliviaoverkill added this comment  2008-01-08 17:31:27-06:00

I love these :D

rosemary1234 added this comment  2011-05-16 06:16:23-05:00

I really like comedy movies because of them I forget my worries for sometime.

wiigamer added this comment  2008-01-06 16:52:24-06:00

I love mosts of these movies. xD