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Participate in one of our engaging, affordable, and effective advertising campaigns! Join bands such as The Black Eyed Peas and OneRepublic, brands such as Proctor & Gamble and Mattel, and a host of other partners in the entertainment industry and beyond who have promoted their products successfully to our audience. Call 888-GLOGS4U or email us at See below for partnership options and examples:

About Glogster

Glogster is the leading social network for fun expression. We empower people with the ability to create Glogs – online multi-media posters– with text, photos, videos, graphics, music and more. With 200 million page views per month and counting and over a million registered users, we are not just a fad - we are a revolution. We have a loyal following of Gloggers that your brand needs to access.

If you want to experience true online addiction, you’ve come to the right place. Our audience has created millions of Glogs! Whether you are looking for incredible online content for your website or the best online advertising options for your brand, now is a fantastic time to get in on the ground floor with a company that is growing fast.

With a management team of interactive visionaries and staff of dedicated professionals, Glogster has taken a unique but simple idea and made it into a huge global success.

Glogster currently offers five types of partnerships:

Custom Interactive Contest

Contests have long been a great way to reach an online audience, but there is no contest even remotely similar to a Glogster contest. Most contests are simple sweepstakes or boring raffles, but at Glogster we know how to capture the attention of a large, growing group of teens and do so in a way that keeps them literally staring at your brand for weeks and months at a time. Glogs, or multimedia posters, are normally made with original graphic tools that we supply on our site. However, if you participate in a Glogster contest, our audience will plug in your brand’s items to create their Glogs. As part of the rules for a new contest with your brand, we will require our users to use these new images. You will not find a more engaging online activity for a young audience.

Our contest will not just drive awareness either; this is not just another sponsorship or branding exercise! A Glogster contest will drive legitimate buzz, excitement, sales, revenue, and a much clearer ROI for you. Marketing to teens can be tough - but at Glogster, we know how to do it well.

Through our observation and experience, we’ve determined that Glogster contests are most effective if each theme runs 3 to 4 weeks in length. Too short, and people might miss out. Too long, and this generation of teens will get bored. Some of our clients choose to run a new theme every month for several months in a row or multiple themes at the same time.

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Media MixIN Sponsorship

With the Media MixIN Sponsorship option, your brand’s assets –graphics, text, image, video, and audio—will be embedded in our media mixer, or Glog creation tool. There are 1 million new Glogs created every month. During that month, all Glogster users will have the option to include your brand’s assets in their Glogs,This is a unique opportunity for your target audience to engage with your brand in a fun and personal way. Their Glogs will stay on permanently and have the potential to be shared both on and elsewhere on the web (Glogster provides one-click options for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more).

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Premium Display Units

Participate in a CPM/Takeover campaign with Glogster, and we will feature your brand’s promotion directly on the Glogster homepage and all banner positions. For a set period of time, you’ll have exclusive access to our audience, which includes over one million registered users and 200 million page views per month. We can arrange Premium Display Units in conjunction with Glogster contests or as a separate partnership. Past campaigns have featured upcoming album releases, film premieres, product launches, and more. If you want maximum exposure for your brand, this is the option for you!

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Glog Template Sponsorship

The Glog template is the “blank canvas” from which every single user begins their Glog. Featuring your promotion on the Glog template is an enormous opportunity to raise awareness of your brand; over 40,000 Glogs are created each day. Your promotion will be the Glog background, which users have the option to change or keep. If they do choose to keep your background, your brand will become a permanent fixture on their Glogs, which have the potential to be shared both on and elsewhere on the web (Glogster provides one-click options for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more).

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Glogster Publisher

Imagine our functionality built right into your site! If you are a website that focuses on the visual side of life and attracts an audience interested in art, photos, storage of images, videos, audio recordings, sharing of multimedia materials, or social networking for the artistic crowd, then this is your best choice. In this partnership, your users will use a light version of the Glogster poster creation tool without leaving your site. When your audience requests to add sounds and videos to their multimedia posters, they will come to our site to register. After they register, we will send them right back to you so they never abandon your core service offerings. These relationships are very customizable and can be created in a way that delivers the best content value to your audience and molds perfectly into your existing site architecture.

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