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Sao Paulo's Municipal Market

Sao Paulo's Municipal Market


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biyanca added this comment  2008-01-24 14:43:41-06:00

adoro São Paulo ;)

rainbowtear added this comment  2008-01-22 22:24:55-06:00

Nice place indeed! Have been there last year, mango and maracuja are the best fruits!

strangee added this comment  2008-01-22 17:21:33-06:00

Nice photos, nice glog!!!

georgi added this comment  2008-04-14 01:17:28-05:00

nice job, looks beautiful. i went out wit a guy from Sao Paolo, oh god your not him are you, just kidding!

raizasouza added this comment  2008-10-04 15:03:02-05:00

Hiii!! My Name is Raiza Souza,i'm from Brazil,São Paulo,but my city is Itapecerica da Serra! I loved its initiative! Congratulations!!! Kisses or Beijos! =D

lilmissunshine added this comment  2008-05-22 17:51:53-05:00

hoo i love Sao Paulo! nice glog.

suyanchan added this comment  2008-02-07 13:37:26-06:00

Love my state...... love the city..... ^-^