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Sites' Logos


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kiikii added this comment  2008-02-04 12:43:50-06:00

IO think I'm going to go to some of the most random places i see on here xD It would be fun and defanetly entertaining

rayray1515 added this comment  2010-03-23 17:56:32-05:00

thats awsum! it must have taken u like 4 eva! great glog

ladylia added this comment  2008-02-20 16:28:53-06:00

this is Internet 2.0 ^______^

huntmichelle added this comment  2008-01-11 14:21:36-06:00

Wow, I don't think I'd have the patience to do that, haha.

aef22 added this comment  2008-01-10 10:08:48-06:00

for everybody who says I should make image by image and put links in them, I just found this image randomly and decided to make a glog, thats why its so simple. anyway, I am considering this idea for some other day...

patrix added this comment  2008-01-09 18:06:37-06:00

so I wait with my 5 star rating :)

patrix added this comment  2008-01-09 18:06:14-06:00

agree with RainbowTear and Glogster for me please :)

cath added this comment  2008-01-09 16:07:02-06:00

Yayyyyyyy =D 5 starsss from me! XX

rainbowtear added this comment  2008-01-09 11:09:37-06:00

A nice collection! Consider adding each logo yourself as a separate image, so that they´re crisper and we can zoom the image. I know it´s hard but we will love it!

patrix added this comment  2008-01-09 10:30:03-06:00

where is Glogster?

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