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patriciagrace added this comment  2010-07-24 12:03:00-05:00


ollysha added this comment  2010-07-20 18:53:06-05:00

i agreee!

alanders added this comment  2010-07-27 14:33:39-05:00

agree lol XD

noodling added this comment  2010-07-22 23:05:20-05:00

I'm not sure if Lilo and Stitch is old disney...but I agree with the rest of them! :D

samisam added this comment  2010-07-22 22:19:10-05:00


kiraluvsu added this comment  2010-07-22 09:02:23-05:00

this is so true...great glog

teamedwardgirl added this comment  2010-07-20 22:56:14-05:00

i agree! the disney they make now is just pure crap