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About me

  • About me

    Scene Queens (like myself) rock this world<33333333 and eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, converse, back combed hair, and neon colors are my most favorite things in this world oh ya and hot guys<3 P.s. Im fucking fun to be around!!!!!so if u wanna good time hit me up :D
  • Music

    im basically all about 3OH!3, paramore, flyleaf, hollywood undead, brokNCYDE, Ke$ha, Hello Goodbye, Attack Attack, and shit like that


    MTV IS the shit
  • Lifestyle

    party all the time and drink mt. dew cuz im that scene chick that loves sippin on energy drinks :D


    sssoo not the sportie type ick (puking violently)
  • Arts

    I love singing, drawing, taking pics(of myself), and my goal is to learn how to play acoustic


    FUN FACT!!!!!!~ i am addicted to my mp3 player

A letter to my father

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