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About me

  • About me

    I'm alexis. I'm a senior in school and love to play sports. I am on the track team and participate in ski club, but i play a lot of other sports for fun as well. I love to meet new people!
  • Music

    I listen to all types of music.


    I like bones, csi, house, greek, secret life, glee, lincon heights and any kind of dance show.
  • Lifestyle

    I live in a semi-rich community but my family is not rich at all. I am very active in the whole religion aspect of ife and take school and sports very seriously


    I am on the varisity track and field team where i throw shot put and discus. I also run the 45,55,100,200, and 300. I all depends on the season though.
  • Arts

    I am the only unartist person in my family in the whole drawing/ painting/ sculpting way, but i am very artisic in a creative writing way. I was published in a poetry book that is located in washington D.C.


    For my career i want to be a forensic scientist, no not like you see on CSI or any of the other crime shows, but any actual trace evidence lab tech.

Forensic Science

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