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About me

  • About me

    My name is Alexis Hughesss! (: I am 16 and im a junior at Wirt Countyy! (: I love hanging with friendss and just have funn! (: I love the color yellow!(: I love my friends & family. they are always there for me whenever i need them. Jake Whitehead is my Bub. he is like my older brother! i tell him everything! (: Hes a great guy! I hate drama! but i always seem to get in it somehow. I love to swim, fish, walk around,etc. (: well wanna know more message me
  • Music

    Music is my life(:


    Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill, Jersey Shore, Squidbillies, etc.
  • Lifestyle

    I love my Family & Friends most of all.


    volleyball, basketball
  • Arts

    I like to draw some but im not that good at it haha. (:


    Friends, Family mean the world to me! (:

Tyga. Quotes. <3

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