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alexiskennedy added this comment  2012-05-06 18:58:50-05:00

hell yeahhh!!!

morgstrapper added this comment  2012-05-06 18:57:28-05:00

I love you 2! And for all of you who think we are lesbians no we are cousins and have been always together since birth<3

alexiskennedy added this comment  2012-05-06 18:47:25-05:00

ahahhaha i lovee youu!!!

morgstrapper added this comment  2012-05-06 18:46:51-05:00

Oh and yes I want to marry u to hahahahha

morgstrapper added this comment  2012-05-06 18:45:58-05:00

I LOVE IT<333 haha in the one you have the watermelon gum in your mouth that we took from grandpa!!!<3 ahha