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Who's Prettier??

Who's Prettier??


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alexiskennedy added this comment  2012-05-06 21:58:38-05:00

thxxx xD

tiffanigracebarczak added this comment  2012-05-06 20:17:50-05:00

both of yous :)

alexiskennedy added this comment  2012-05-03 17:04:47-05:00

why dont people vote!?????????????????

morgstrapper added this comment  2012-04-15 16:43:16-05:00

obviouslyyy you lexxx! and when we hangout or c each other i need help with this Glogster i dotn understanddd!!!!

xpeacesignsx added this comment  2012-04-09 15:34:26-05:00

BTW contest ranks: you got a 7 out of 10 your currently 2nd place in your entry 1st is crissy and 3rd cindy

xpeacesignsx added this comment  2012-04-09 15:33:11-05:00

morgan but alexis dont worry its just cuz her fingerz :P PEACE FOREVER!