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avamae added this comment  2013-07-26 21:57:14-05:00

Hi so beautifullydeadangel is a fake profile of me. My name is Ava Mae, and this person has taken every picture of me off of my personal facebook and posted them on here and pretended to be me up until I set my profile on Facebook Private. If you wish to talk about this email me; I came across this today when a friend said they saw me on Glogster. I am sorry this happened to you :(

blackviolet9 added this comment  2013-04-24 18:26:58-05:00

well welcome back :)

cheche2000 added this comment  2013-04-13 22:31:28-05:00

ERMERGERD!!!!!!!! YOUR BACK YOUR BACK YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD Welcome back bro.

alexxanderthenotsogreat added this comment  2013-04-12 17:20:43-05:00

We should be friends (:

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beautifullydeadangel added this comment  2013-04-12 17:07:00-05:00

Your Awesome xD

breebiersack added this comment  2013-04-12 16:53:10-05:00

Haha, you have great taste in bands...and you like cats. Awesome xD