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About me

  • About me

    my name is alyssa :D the definition of my name is "sanity", even though i am the complete opposite!! lol. i love flowers!!! i think they are beautiful, and i love orange flowers. i have the best boyfriend in the world <3 message me, cuz i wanna know you guys too :)
  • Music

    i like every type of music. from dubstep to screamo, to country to pop, to hip hop, oh god, i love all kinds of music. im very open to new things :))) so if you wanna, leave me a message of artists you like :)


    HUNGER GAMES!!!! THE FREAKING NOTEBOOK!!! and other movies too. i love american idol, and america's funniest home videos. :)
  • Lifestyle

    dude, it can really suck, but i love it :)


    how do i describe this....i play sports like eli manning with two of his hands tied to his back, with two broken legs, and his no eyesight and no hearing...that would be labeled as "pretty bad" XD
  • Arts

    music is my occupation. i play the guitar, and i sing. and i also write songs. i have a YouTube account. its alymusic101 :)))) leave me a comment


    i wanna know more about you so message me, all you gloggers! :D ill try to answer back as soon as possible. if i don't get to you soon, i am terribly sorry. and don't worry, ill always love you guys :)

I Love You

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