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About me

  • About me

    I Love anime and anyone thats an anime fan can be my friend. Most of my friends here are anime fans and My BoyFriend is also an anime fan 2.
  • Music

    I listen 2 Different Kinds of Music. Examples: Lady Gaga, Avril Lavgine, J-pop( thats Japanese pop Music),Etc. I mostly Listen 2 Vic Mignogna He sings very Good and He's also an anime Voice actor.


    The Twilight seires, Fullmetal alchemist( Favorite! I'm in love with that series I'll talk about it 4 hours), etc.
  • Lifestyle

    I love drawing, writing, and watching anime. Plus I text My Boyfriend everyday. lol!


    I don't like sports
  • Arts

    Anime lol!


    Nope not really LOL!

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