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About me

  • About me

    Hi there... Jeebus, the amount of times I have changed this throughout the lifespan of this Glogster account, it truly is unbelievable, I still have nothing creative to write here. Don't be afraid to pop me a message or something, I don't bite.... Much...
  • Music

    Anything that appeals to my musical self. This can tend to vary an awful lot. It all just adds to my individuality, and I have an awful lot of that.


    Like music, my tastes tend to vary from the clean to the gory. Nothing wrong with liking love, action, blood and guts, and everything in between!!
  • Lifestyle

    Primary School, High School, College, now University to be a nurse. Being active is my passion, and being a bad ass is my nature.


    When I first started, this box would be pretty empty, now, well now: kickboxing, swimming, running and gym are how I roll.
  • Arts

    Not a fan of Galleries, but I dabble in doodles, very often indeed!!


    I fund raise, I game, I sing, I dance, I act, I cover pretty much anything in my own, funny little way. That's how I like it...

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