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If I Die Young

If I Die Young


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amylkorbal added this comment  2011-12-19 00:13:56-06:00


cindybm added this comment  2011-12-18 21:48:33-06:00

glad u didnt give up it looks wonderful ahhh they better fix glogster soon

amylkorbal added this comment  2011-12-04 17:00:56-06:00

Thank you :) I didn't want to give up on it with trying first. It still didn't turn out the way I had intended but it's close enough :P

zioe1999 added this comment  2011-12-04 12:16:44-06:00

thx 4 workin SO hard its amazin

amylkorbal added this comment  2011-11-29 09:42:32-06:00

This glog took me FOREVER! I had to completely redo it 8 times because it got destroyed every time I saved and then I eventually had to edit it word by word, picture by picture, graphic by graphic. Every time I saved it got messed up so I did what I wanted (Word by word, picture by picture, etc. etc.) saved, went in and fixed it, then saved it again and repeated the process over and over and over. Hope you like. There are two more parts to this one series of glogs but they're probably going to take a while.