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About me

  • About me

    My name is Esther Grullon, but my friend Pamela who i sometimes call Noona but prefers to be called Unnie calls me Ae-Gi. My korean name is Song Hye Gun or Shin Yeon Rin and i am a short girl for an 19 yr old. i am a nice girl but only if you dont get me mad. i am a total anime fan and always will be. And I am now a K-pop fan! just became one sophmore year XD
  • Music

    kpop and jpop/jrock


    anime and asian dramas (K-dramas, J-Dramas, Tai-Dramas)
  • Lifestyle

    anime, kpop and writing fan fiction o3o


    volleyball and tennis
  • Arts

    anime (chibi style)


    Reading and writing stories (kpop fanfiction :3 )

Who I am...

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