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About me

  • About me

    IDK, sarcastic sometimes. CAN go crazy after having caffine. Likes to draw & do origami. I gets bored with music after a while, sometimes, so that's why I don't own an ipod.
  • Music

    Little bit of country, rock (not metal of any kind), the absolutely tiniest amount of pop, certain ballads..... I love the Barlow Girls, Vota, and all those peoples.


    I'm waiting for the Percy Jackson Movie and TDM. I have never seen the Twilight movie. I LOVE Spongebob, Chowder, and TDI/TDA.
  • Lifestyle

    IDK, it sometimes changes from day to day. Kinda boring on some, others..... not as boring, I guess.........


    Don't play any sports, but I love skating (regular & ice), matball, and running, but not exactly track.
  • Arts

    IDK what they mean by arts. I guess I'm pretty good at drawing and sculpting. If inventing is an art (and I don't think it is), I'm really good at that. I play the clarinet.


    Love churos, almost any pasta dish, grilled chicken, buttery toast, wontons, postickers, eggrolls, springrolls, Japenese Steak house food, and GUM! I HATE Miley Cyrus and most of her songs.

God so loved the World

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