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About me

  • About me

    hey! my name is stacy :) im trying really hard on my glogs XD so comment and rate them :) i love people who are honnest so go for it! i can take it!!! :P -i love you guys peace
  • Music

    all. If you have any good bands i should listen to let me know :)


    shows: movie: the o.c. hocus pocus supernatural the man in the iron mask instant star juno :D degrassi tng ever after smallville the breakfast club oh and theres more but you know dont want to take the hole page :)
  • Lifestyle



    i dont like to play sports but i looooovvve to watch football :D
  • Arts

    dance singing playing piano playing guitar playing flute


    other? well im addicted to reading and lisening to music so you got any books i should read(preferably vampire ones lol) or any good bands i should lisent to message me :)

Heart Skiped a Beat

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