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About me

  • About me

    I am 14 soon to be 15, really nice, and i dont change for anyone. and well i just be myself i show people who i am and ok so what if im not perfect LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!
  • Music

    i am a MAJOR country gal country music is my life......


    anything really im not THAT picky but there are a few movies i dont like but if you wanna know get to know me better first.
  • Lifestyle

    i life my life as though i will not be alive the next day i love life's challenges and take the ones they throw at me. i dont let anyone bring me down


    I absolutly love all sports im a major sports gal also
  • Arts

    art is my life i love it.


    I sing and dance and sketch and i love to express my feelings and i love to let people know what i can do i dont hold back on ANYTHING

How i feel about the one i love

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