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About me

  • About me

    I'm 16, single and happy im in many school clubs. I'm a pretty happy person. Im a good kid in school. I have a smart mind. i like to meet new people, and I love God with all my Heart!!
  • Music

    I love all kinds of music like classical, modern, and rock'n roll. Like shontelle,led zeppelin, bon jovi, Beethoven,Mozart, Christan.


    Titanic,I like old movies,modern,fiction, and action movies, sad,even movie that don't seem to end
  • Lifestyle

    I have had a hard life with all of my relationships and health problems with family. I live in the country but i don't like the music. i love my friends and i like to have fun and hang out


    I play basketball,swimming, and going on hikes, i like to rockclimb,archary, and i like riding a motorcycle.
  • Arts

    I love art, photography,and i love to cook!!


    I love going green and peace signs.I have many friends and they treat me like family. .If i'm in trouble they'll be there. I love to sing and cook. I'm a very good cook.I like horses and almost any animal. I'm smart and all ways doing something. i love to spend time with family!!

happy v-day

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