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Paige Aguilar Ramirez<3

Paige Aguilar Ramirez<3


1985 1 2 3 33

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ashelysanteenez120 added this comment  2013-06-17 00:24:33-05:00

LOL cx @ Xcfire

xcfire added this comment  2013-03-24 10:37:15-05:00

Yea that booty cx

1southside3 added this comment  2013-03-23 19:07:54-05:00

That Booty c; Lol Pretty Tho

xcfire added this comment  2013-03-06 07:43:19-06:00

dope cx lol

surfer97 added this comment  2013-02-12 16:56:54-06:00

hahahaha ur funny

yclovespandas added this comment  2013-02-11 14:34:38-06:00

@surfer97 hahahaha wow fagget thats very hard-core but I don't fight with bitch ass leva pussys

ashelysanteenez120 added this comment  2013-02-06 18:44:55-06:00

okay look here surfer97 dont talk about mexicans aiight? and @yclovespandas get over yourself okay? move on with your life and stop getting into other peoples buisness and if your just gonna start shit then get TF of my page!!

surfer97 added this comment  2013-02-06 18:29:28-06:00

lame people hahahahah sike! and im not fuckin emo u fuckin mexican u wont come to my concert and say that this is ben from asking alexandria look me up asswipe idc how old u are ill fuck u up

yclovespandas added this comment  2013-02-05 17:58:43-06:00

Hahaha this emo fag ha stfu puto . and really make me look dumb haha ayye puta ur making yourself look dumb lame ass people for real.

surfer97 added this comment  2013-02-05 16:28:30-06:00

hahahahaha thats funy shit ur a fuckin bitch fuckin mexacan go mow my lawn chicken shit

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