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About me

  • About me

    HmmM.. M w3ird,. My thInking is veRy matured bUt i aCt as a retard..! =D i lOve to be kIdish. I can be a gOod friend, I cant b a rival =( i hat3 hatred. aNd i jUst lOve tO love =P hehehe. m fUn-loving, am stUpid! am sentimental and emOtionaL. h3hehhee,, aDd m3 bUt i haT3 SHORT msgs..!! aNd tALk tO m3 If yoU aDd m3..!! >__< ttYl,, *mUaXx* ^__^
  • Music

    Romantic. no rock, no country. Hip-H0p and butt-crackerS! >:P< aNd..raPs.


    Twilight, P.S. I love You, etc..__
  • Lifestyle I wanT it to be. My way.


    WrestlIng! >:D<
  • Arts

    designing cLothes,, cooking,, err...wat m0re? O_o


    Lol. al0t to m3ntion..!! -_^


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