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michael jackson

michael jackson


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gwen96 added this comment  2009-09-25 11:26:10-05:00

i luv the pictures! Im obessed wit him!

kelly2k9 added this comment  2009-08-17 17:54:16-05:00

r.i.p. really cwl glog

imusic123 added this comment  2009-08-05 11:01:49-05:00

ill miss him

smileymerzon added this comment  2009-07-11 12:30:02-05:00

wow he 50 year old he dead =[ really sad he should be still alive but hes not =[ i guess everone prblle going miss him i guess

billina added this comment  2009-07-11 11:21:22-05:00

Lush pics of him. He will live on forever even though he his not in sight

brucekidhomie added this comment  2009-07-23 16:39:03-05:00

i was a fan...hehe not a HUGE fan but still...xD this is shooooo great!

queenmaddy added this comment  2009-07-07 22:10:10-05:00

he will be missed but never forgoten

anita54 added this comment  2009-07-07 21:24:13-05:00

we will all miss him