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emotionalwolfgirl added this comment  2013-07-11 17:40:00-05:00

awesome <3

shsvocalstrand added this comment  2012-05-18 18:33:58-05:00

linki park

smile-today-for-tomorrow-will-be-worse added this comment  2012-02-26 21:17:01-06:00

Oh my gosh .. I'm speech less

cindybm added this comment  2012-02-26 21:14:53-06:00

i love this song impressive glog ur really good!

tashanicolelewis added this comment  2012-02-12 00:25:22-06:00

Omfg this is aweomse! Love Linkin Park (: Please like my blog too

jazzyfizzless1971 added this comment  2012-02-06 20:51:02-06:00

This song so along with this glog so well... <3 we feel the exact same way.. What more do you want from me.? Lovinnn`Thisss. (:

seleangom1 added this comment  2011-08-07 22:06:06-05:00

Amazing good luck

coffeexandxcigarettes added this comment  2011-08-23 16:13:26-05:00

I love Linkin Park! And this song! And this glog! There is so much truth in this song.

melaniap3958 added this comment  2011-07-06 01:23:26-05:00

I LOVE IT!!! <3

maciiniicole added this comment  2011-06-13 11:47:59-05:00

this is like, my favorite song!

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