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invaderana added this comment  2013-11-30 14:47:32-06:00

ashley! i came back to glogster just to see how different it is, i miss you loads! i hope you remember me haha. this website just isn't the same anymore and its depressing but oh well, there's not much i can do about it. i hope you're doing well. i love you lots - Ana x

gothgirl added this comment  2013-08-18 19:07:51-05:00

mwa ,love u xxxx

xxrissyxx added this comment  2013-06-10 23:52:59-05:00

ugh... I'm in love with this song <3

xxrissyxx added this comment  2013-05-23 17:30:53-05:00

You are absolutely perfect, darling c:

berge added this comment  2013-02-15 13:12:04-06:00

i need someone to talk to

ninibean added this comment  2013-02-14 18:42:23-06:00

Hi! why are you so shy??? :-> You gotta fwiend; smile!