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About me

  • About me

    sad, would appreciate it if you checked out my glogs. would make me feel better. by the way im ashley.and im bff's with the greatest person ever...Stephanie Rhodes!!!
  • Music

    I like a lot of stuff. Any where from nickelback to flyleaf to hinder to who else knows what.


    way to many, anything that is completely awesome!
  • Lifestyle

    There's not much to know. I'm currently in the military but will soon be medically discharged, or as I know it as an MEB. I'll go to UK in the fall and get married in September.


    I hate sports besides swimming but i only randomly swim in the lake sometimes.
  • Arts

    I love to draw and paint and do artpieces like Polluck! awesome!


    There's nothing much more to say of me... im weird and most ppl think its awesome!

Sunny in Madness

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