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I'm nothing.


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laughysammie added this comment  2014-02-26 18:03:27-06:00

Awww :( dude there's 2 many fucked up assholes in this world I'm so sorry... ._. But the shy thing I totally get I'm the same way

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bunbun424 added this comment  2013-01-28 16:22:37-06:00

By the way, I am EXTREMELY SHY

bunbun424 added this comment  2013-01-28 16:21:22-06:00

Why would anyone bully you? You seem very nice. Also don`t be ashamed. Your bullies should be ashamed of themselves for what their doing to you! I hope everything changes for you, in a good way.

bricalla added this comment  2013-01-09 13:35:09-06:00

I know it's hard to believe but I am going through something similar I love this glog

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icyizzy added this comment  2012-12-18 20:58:51-06:00

Am shy to the only and in order to get away from the world I read and listen to very loud music

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hannahcabanes added this comment  2012-11-05 13:18:08-06:00

awwww . I'm sorry for you . But don't go through with it . I go through the same thing in school snd somrtimrs I think about death too . But if every went along with it , we'd all be gone

budahababy added this comment  2012-10-17 15:53:53-05:00

David i feel horrible

jessicalovesskittles17 added this comment  2012-10-17 15:53:15-05:00

I'm here for you if you ever need me! and if i was there I would stand in your dads way so he couldn't touch you!!! I love you David! ~Love Always, Jessica Sparks <3

jessicalovesskittles17 added this comment  2012-10-17 15:52:19-05:00

Aww David! :'c You know what?....*Wipes a tear off my face* This blog seriously making me cry...

ella2213 added this comment  2012-10-17 15:44:50-05:00

Hey!!!!!! I am shy to!!!!! I am srry about what they do to u..... In plymouth we are all like brothers and sisters so I guess I do not knw how u feel but.... I am srry.

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