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Stop it, now.


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sandar25 added this comment  2014-11-08 16:07:27-06:00

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asimplesmiley added this comment  2014-10-29 08:31:08-05:00

Dang, this glog got so much comments, views, and etc. It wasn't even meant for that.

inuyashalvr1993 added this comment  2014-04-09 12:56:58-05:00

Could I have the link to the video in a message.. (I've read the comments and didn't like them) but I will not stand for bullying. Doesn't matter who you are or what you have done to yourself. Bullying needs to stop and I couldn't be able to see the video so please can I have the link to this video in a message if not, thank you..

kenken07 added this comment  2014-03-24 13:21:51-05:00

@caulkmaster Just shut up already. You're the kind that would be putting her down. Not being nice and awesome to help. People like you get on my last nerve and piss me off

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tareqhasan added this comment  2014-02-27 00:04:57-06:00

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ravenlong12 added this comment  2013-11-16 20:48:29-06:00

so she so beautiful

esmy123 added this comment  2013-11-10 21:59:36-06:00

okey i wanna start by saying tht im not emo but all emo people are humanz n they might be emotional n shit but therez nthng arong with it i thnk there kool n to get thiz straight i want yhu too go fuck somewere else sooooo leave them emo people alone go get yhur life straight @caulkmaster

caulkmaster added this comment  2013-08-02 23:56:48-05:00

you think I give a shit bout what they say behind my back.all emos can suck my cock and choke on it. I hope when you cut urself for attention you cut too deep and die.

mangaviz added this comment  2013-07-24 17:49:36-05:00

powerpuff28 added this comment  2013-07-22 19:27:05-05:00

Look calkmaster or wateva your name is. Wat u didn't know is that everyone is talking behind your back right now. But oh, you don't care. Does that feel nice to here Didn't think so I'm going through technically the same thing and yeah so what, I'm a emo and what your saying makes me think that your one of those people...what are they called?oh yeah I remember...I douche bag

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