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About me

  • About me

    im single and awesome!! and if you try to friend me once and it shows up as add to friends again i denied it
  • Music

    anime music and more


    anime manga and more
  • Lifestyle

    dont get on my bad side or u will get fucked up i care 4 my friends im nice im cool u can tell me anything,also im a great friend


    not gonna tell
  • Arts

    anime drawings (sasuke drawings)


    zoe is an amazing friend she is the best! every1 should friend her SHE IS THE BEST I SAY THE BEST!!!! IF U SAY SHES NOT UR STUPID CUZ SHE IS

✩ʜɛʏ ϻօ××ɪɛ ʛʊяʟʑ ×Ɗ✩

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