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About me

  • About me

    ♥in kool mode like me asck me and i say yes i dont like fakes likes to make friends and im in a band age 20 and im a lead singer i love music loves to cutt and has friends and singel fave band tdwp I hate posers I hope they all die :( they play with peoples feelings and shit and I dont care how popular you are evryone is especial I'll love you for who you are and me loves that fucking escreamo and those fucking break downs that how my heart beats for the you ^_^ and I love to lersn new thing theach me and
  • Music

    Man I have shits lodes :(


    movies vampire hunter d ninja resurection apple seed all the DB movies all the way to GT and ranma 1/2 I love the movies of that anime nana the movie 1 and 2 death note the movie 1 and more 0_^
  • Lifestyle

    my lifestyle will be ok go to the park have a good time with my friends and so to shows and friends bands buy me something to wear and loves to go to concerts enjoy going to anime conventions 2 there a shit lodes of hott and kool looking cos play 0_^ peop


    work out XD and sex joke :)
  • Arts

    I love to sing and draw I love to draw crazy shits for my friends and make them happy and I sing in 2 band right now Im hoping to become well known in the escreamo gen thats why I practice every single day for 3hrs :) I'll do what ever to make people love


    i wAnt candy :)


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