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annie463 added this comment  2010-08-12 15:58:46-05:00

GD and TAE-YANG are the cutes and there funny

liljuza123 added this comment  2010-06-26 11:19:47-05:00

OMG!! G-Dragon is always the cute and funny one i also love Seungri and Tae yang <3

toxicxtree added this comment  2009-11-11 20:54:03-06:00

:O I LOVE THEM!!!!! < 3 xD i had a little dan girl moment there xD

blueviola121 added this comment  2009-11-11 20:45:50-06:00

Wow, this is very well put together. I like the Christmas picture. The songs are pretty good as well :)

cushy added this comment  2009-11-18 13:36:57-06:00

omg..... totally in it i luv g-dragon lol lup it

soulseeker added this comment  2010-11-16 21:37:31-06:00

nice your the first i've seen who likes kpop!

chinagirl818 added this comment  2010-02-22 22:05:06-06:00

OMG I would like totally freak!!! hahaha I <3 big bang!! they rock I love this glog, great job!!

1997emogirl2 added this comment  2010-01-29 16:51:06-06:00

I♥BigBang 1.Seung Ri 2.T.O.P 3.G-Dragon 4.Tae Yang 5.Dae Sung

robizor added this comment  2009-11-09 18:55:13-06:00

I reaallly love the layout of this glog! =O Good job! :D 5* + Alert + Fav

azncamgurl added this comment  2009-11-09 18:25:51-06:00

Tell me what you think of BigBang,, well I love then! TOP is so cute to me!!

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