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About me

  • About me

    i am NOT hard to please.. most of the time i can help ppl through their hard times.. im an encouragin person.. not ashamed of who i am.. not ashamed to say i have a lil. gurl.. i am very dirty minded.. i am very out spoken..
  • Music

    B.V.B.(ALL THE WAY) love the rap... not much of a country fan..=(


    all the twilight series...=D
  • Lifestyle

    i couldnt ask for anything better than to be loved by someone special and with my lil. gurl.. the ones i love the most.. =)


    basket~ball, foot~ball, tennis, base~ball, soft~ball, volley~ball..=P
  • Arts

    drawin is my thang!..


    i love the open doors.. i am a country.. add me.. message me.. im always willin to tlk no matter what ever the situation may be.. i will tlk in general.. it dnt matter to me..

my baby

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