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brooque613 added this comment  2008-04-22 22:55:51-05:00

I love the way you set this up - it's awesome! And I love the Bambi pic! :o)

strangee added this comment  2008-04-16 16:37:08-05:00

Great Babysheep!!! I love this one! It is really you! And I am happy to see you here, girl!

passion added this comment  2008-04-16 10:02:32-05:00

good JOB (: all stars again (: keep up the good work (:

passion added this comment  2008-04-16 10:02:17-05:00

good JOB (: all stars again (: keep up the good work (:

dynka added this comment  2008-04-15 18:52:23-05:00

veery nice Babysheep! Congrat. to your first glog :o) btw...welcome to glogster! you will love it :o) as well

monishka added this comment  2008-04-15 17:47:53-05:00

hey girl! my photos of you! my sheesha, and even my djembe! HEY :D !!! Thats what you got in yout head? :D Nice glog, very personal.

enysek added this comment  2008-04-30 10:06:47-05:00

Good job Babysheep:) 5 stars for me!