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About me

  • About me

    I'm so obsessed with Glogster web.Every day,I always check up on my work and make more glogs.I think maybe I can so create a tribute glog for this website 4 all to see!Also,I think life is a river,so we must all try to get by.Also,I'm a little bit weird.It's complicated.
  • Music

    My favorite music is most likely hip-hop.But I like jammin to rap,rock n' roll,hip-hop,pop,and classical.Also,I like listening to Eminem,Rihanna,M.I.A,The Bravery,Ladytron Fall Out Boy,50 Cent,Beyonce,Taylor Swift and more!But,I actually prefer Lady Gaga.She's AWESOME!


    Fav TV shows:Flapjack,Chowder,Penguins Of Madagascar,Spongebob,iCarly,TDA Wizards of waverly Place and totally addicted to Death Note.Twilight and Jawbreaker are my fav movies.Now, I am going to watch New Moon.Very soon.
  • Lifestyle

    I live with a smaill family.I'm known for being oh,so shy,but funny.I like to dress in blues,blacks and yellows.I love playing video games after school and surfing the web.Currently,I am obsessed with vampires and cartoons.


    I like basketball and soccer.But I really don't mind practicing double-dutch.I like racing and winning.I pride myself on that.Sometimes(well all the time)I HATE losing.I am very competitive when it comes to challenges.I NEVER lose!
  • Arts

    Only fashion.That's where it's at.I don't mind Frida Kahlo and Leonardo Da Vinci.They're ok.But scrapbooking is my favorite kind of art.Scrapbooking is how I express myself. By the way, I have this...thirst for magna. So anytime you mention it, I will talk about it NONSTOP!


    I like reading books on my own spare time.I'm thinking about becoming a blogger someday.I spend my time reading Twilight and thinking about them.Now,I'm thinking about The Vampire Diaries.I dream about vampires every night(which to me is weird).It's complicated, I LOVE LOVE LOVE shape-shifters, but my mind otfen switches to vampires. WHICH SIDE DO I CHOOSE!?

Wolves' Prey:Part I

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