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About me

  • About me

    Hi! I'm Ava. I LOVE Batman! "Hey look Batman!" WHERE?!? O.O lol Sorry I'm a bit quirky.... SIKE! I don't apologize for being myself xD I'm 18 years young and lovin' life! I work at Hooters as a Hooters Girl and no that doesn't mean I'm a slut xP I love Kittens and Rainbows and Glitter =^.^= Maybe I'm just weird but sometimes I contemplate why words are spelled the way they are :? Like 'why' and 'the' -.- I'm taken by my amazing bf Alex<3
  • Music

    BrokeNYCDE, BVB, Avril Lavigne,


    All things Batman <3
  • Sports

    Cheerleading, tennis, Lacrosse, Softball, colourguard, Skatboarding, Surfing
  • Arts

    Dancing (Belly Dancing, acrobatic, ballet, contemperary, lyrical, tap)


    I'm a fun girl and I know I'm pretty but.... I'm Taken!!! <3

Happy Birthday My Love<3

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