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left1661 added this comment  2012-08-31 18:32:42-05:00

mattie but im pretty sure he has a gf

brookemraz added this comment  2012-07-28 21:54:12-05:00

i dont know that many guys on Glogster...but nice.

pawsonmagic added this comment  2012-07-28 21:19:15-05:00

mattie is minee-_- jk... but i still like him i wish he was mine but hes to hot he probably has a gf already:o

pawsonmagic added this comment  2012-07-28 21:17:47-05:00

who mattie

beckabee added this comment  2012-07-28 21:17:44-05:00

thats cheating but atleast you said something ^_^

iloveyouforeverandalways added this comment  2012-07-28 21:11:39-05:00

lol, i dont think there are really any 'Hot' guys on here... but... ill go with who you already picked. lol :D

pawsonmagic added this comment  2012-07-28 21:08:13-05:00

i just told mattie that he was smokin hottt soo hahaaaaa

pandaxcamel added this comment  2012-07-28 21:06:07-05:00

camelxpanda.. :3 :$ Even though you can't see his picture, trust me he's absolutely beautiful.. And even more beautiful on the inside.. :$

pawsonmagic added this comment  2012-07-28 21:04:29-05:00

already sooo yaaa

pawsonmagic added this comment  2012-07-28 21:04:16-05:00

im not scared becuase i think he knows xD

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